Recipe Review or Recipe Auditing

Phase 1 or 2 of the Basic Training

(Re-)Experience the excitement of a Basic Training

Observe the timeless elegance of Structural Integration first-hand. Sit in (hands-off) on all 6 weekends of either Phase 1 or Phase 2. In Phase 1 you can recapitulate the entire theory and anatomy of the Basic Series - in Phase 2 you can enjoy observing the practitioners working on each other. Classes in Milano, Praha, Warszawa and Wien in the local language - translation into English often possible.

This offer is for:

Price per Phase of 6 weekends (Fr - Sun)
  • Original Recipe-REVIEW: EGSI Graduates
    € 1’200
  • Original Recipe-AUDITING: SI Practitioners from IASI schools
    € 1’800
  • Original Recipe-EXPLORATION: People who are thinking of becoming an SI practitioner.
    This will be credited with 144 hours towards the prerequisite hours needed to enroll in a Basic Training.
    € 1’800

Please contact us at info(at) if you would like to take advantage of this offer.

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