Mission Statement

The European Guild for Structural Integration offers comprehensive training and education in the Rolf Method of Structural Integration.

  • We offer training and education in Structural Integration in Europe.
  • We inform and educate about the benefits of Structural Integration.
  • We teach the initial approach of working with clients - the original, unaltered "Basic Series of Ten Sessions", as developed by Dr. Rolf, to remain as a legacy for future generations and the most important teaching tool for all students.
  • We offer continuing education workshops for graduates of all schools of Structural Integration.


  • We value a new perception of health and well-being that promotes awareness of the integration and interdependence of all body parts.
  • The sustainability and social responsibility start with the perception of the individual regarding his or her own body. We believe that the resulting new communication between body, mind and spirit in the self, will over time change the interaction of people with each other and ultimately within the framework of society.


  • Any certified practitioner of Structural Integration in the tradition of Ida P. Rolf Ph.D. can become a member of the European Guild for Structural Integration.
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