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Basic Training Programs

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At the heart of the European Guild's basic training program lie the principles and structural techniques expressed in Dr. Ida Rolf's series for ten Structural Integration sessions, without additions or modifications from other modalities. The training is conducted in a modular format on 20 extended weekends and has the following three phases.

Phase 1 - 6 extended weekends with a total of 152 classroom hours

  • Muscular, Skeletal and Fascial Anatomy
  • Biomechanics and Structural Integration
  • Physiology and Biochemistry of Fascia
  • To analyze and interpret human structure and movement and devise coherent strategies for manipulative interventions to make improvements in the structure
  • How to conduct yourself in a therapeutic relationship
  • Self-care with exercises to become a competent SI practitioner
  • The Anatomy and Theory of the Basic Ten Series

Phase 2 - in 6 extended weekends with a total of 152 classroom hours

  • Practice of the Basic Ten Series by the practitioners on each other

Phase 3 - in 5 extended weekends with a total of 128 classroom hours

  • Supervised practice of the Basic Ten Series by each practitioner on three external models

Phase 4 - in 3 extended weekends with a total of 76 classroom hours

  • Post-Ten 3-Series
  • Client/Therapist Relationship
  • Research and Case Studies
  • Opening a practice and Business Building/Advertisement


  • In addition to this students need to expect at least 500 hrs. of home study and practice.
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