Any practitioner of SI, who has graduated from a IASI approved program can be become a member of the European Guild for Structural Integration.

Membership benefits

  • Discounted tuition fees adapted to the local economy of where you live.
  • Baseline for tuition and membership will be 1 SI session in the country you live.
  • Listing on our website.
  • Information about our classes and workshops.

Membership fees

In 2019 a membership fee of the value in Euros of one SI session, in the country you live, will apply. Thank you for your support!

Country Price
Austria TBD
Czech Republic € 60
Denmark € 100
France TBD
Germany € 100
Hungary € 60
Ireland € 100
Israel € 90
Italy € 100
Netherlands € 100
Poland € 50
Slovakia € 60
Spain TBD
Switzerland € 150
United Kingdom € 110


by direct bank transfer:
European Guild for Structural Integration
IBAN CZ8301000001154921770227

or Paypal

Paypal payment