Local Satellite Programs

Set up a Basic Training, teaching the original 'recipe',
where you live

We have now tested and refined our modular 20-month basic training over a 10 year period and trained more than 50 practitioners in Eastern Europe.
We would like to see SI taught locally, in the local language, with tuition fees taking the local economy into account.

We are looking for instructors in other countries.

What you need to bring to the table

  • At least 7 years of full-time SI practice.
  • Some form of Advanced Training
  • A true desire to pass on the recipe of the Basic Ten sessions to the next generation... in the purest form possible without any additions or modifications from other modalities whatsoever.
  • A letter of recommendation from an instructor of any IASI approved program.
  • Letters of recommendation from two SI practitioners.
  • A budget proposal (which we will help you with) - our budget for Eastern Europe considers 10-12 participants and pays for one instructor and one assistant, as well as classroom cost etc.
  • In some instances, e.g. if you come from a tradition that has not taught the orginal Basic Ten-Series, we will ask you to assist in two of our ongoing Basic Trainings first.
  • You could teach on your own - it's easier and more fun with an assistant ...

What we can provide

  • A teacher training, which either Nilce or Neal will help with.
  • A well tested 18-months (modular format on extended weekends) curriculum.
  • All of our teaching materials translated (with your help) into your language.
  • One of the first weekends the help of either Aleš or Adam.
  • One of the second phase weekends the help of either Nilce or Neal.

You are interested ... then

  • Get going right away !
  • Plan at least one, better two years, ahead with the start of your satellite program.
  • Contact us as soon as possible.