The Timeless Elegance of the Recipe - The Team

Neal Powers received his Basic and Advanced Training with Dr. Ida Rolf beginning in 1971 at Esalen in Big Sur. He became a member of the Rolf Institute’s teaching faculty in 1980 and was subsequently the Rolf Institute’s President for six years. He is an Honorary Life Member of the Rolf Institute. In 1990 Neal along with Emmett Hutchins, Peter Melchior, Stacey Mills, and David Davis founded the Guild for Structural Integration dedicated to the traditional teachings of Dr. Ida Rolf. Neal continues to teach for schools recognized by IASI. He currently is teaching workshops and Advanced Trainings for the European Guild for Structural Integration (EGSI) and the Japanese Institute of Structural Integration (JISI).

50 years of experience

David David first read about Dr. Rolf and her work in 1964 and finally received the work in 1973 when Rolfers first moved to Colorado. He immediately started changing his life to do the training having to return to college to complete that prerequisite. He was accepted to train in the fall of 1975, audited with Emmett Hutchins in 1976. He met Dr. Rolf at the 1976 RI annual meeting where she generously wanted him in what turned out to be her last class but the fates did not roll that way. He trained with Michael Salveson and Neal Powers in January 1977 in San Francisco, did the Advanced Training with Emmett in 1985 where he was encouraged to get into teaching. He was a founding member of The Guild for Structural Integration in 1989, assisted in the first GSI class and has been involved in teaching this magnificent work ever since.

44 years of experience

Nilce Silveira started her training in 1983 at the Rolf Institute in Boulder. Coming from a degree in Psychology her interest at first was mainly on the psychological reach of the work. Upon starting her first training she immediately fell in love with the work, and she dedicated her life to learning, teaching and spreading Dr. Ida Rolf's ideas throughout the word. Having done all the advanced classes available at that time, she dedicated a long period of apprenticeship alongside Emmett Hutchins and Peter Melchior, teaching with them together, working 4-handed with them, receiving work, working on them, receiving the transmission. She has spent more than 20 years teaching and assisting classes, workshops and Advanced Trainings.

38 years of experience

Bert Schmitz experienced Rolfing™ in Esalen in 1975 while he was involved as a psychologist MA (University of Amsterdam) in a gestalt-practice training with Dick Price. He was trained as a basic and Advanced Rolfer™ by Michael Salveson & Peter Melchior from 1982 onwards. In Florence, Italy he practiced psychotherapy, meditation and Rolfing®Structural Integration for over 40 years integrating mindfulness (MBSR) in his methods. His psychological approach is subtle and relates to the understanding of the finer networks of body and mind, which offers the means for finding the code for psychological transformation. In groups his strength is in creating a foundation and atmosphere for intuitive study, through concept, presentations, intuitive choices, conversations in silence.

46 years of experience

Aleš Urbanczik's SI journey started in 1993 with his Basic Training. Peter Melchior and Emmett Hutchins, Ida Rolf's very first instructors, were his teachers and inspirations. He has a spiritual background in Zen-Buddhism and was ordained a Zen-Boddhisatva in the French Temple of 'La Gendronnière'. He has been practicing and teaching HathaYoga for 30 years and, based on Dr. Rolf's principles, he developed his unique teaching style he calls "RolfYoga". Aleš Urbanczik is the co-founder of the European Guild for Structural integration. He teaches EGSI‘s Basic Trainings in the Czech Republic, the UK and Austria.

28 years of experience

Fulvio Faudella studied with Peter Melchior and graduated as an SI Practitioner in 2004. Since then he has widened his scope of experience by studying with Neal Powers, Jim Asher, Hubert Godard, David Davis, Nilce Silveira and Liz Stewart. He assisted in many classes and now teaches the EGSI’s Basic Training in Milano. His background as a professional soloist dancer have helped Fulvio to create his special approach to work and movement.

18 years of experience

Adam Polański graduated from both The Guild for Structural Integration and The Rolf Institute of Structural Integration in Boulder. He is also a Rolf Movement™ practitioner. He did his Advanced Training with Neal Powers in 2018. Adam holds university degrees in physiotherapy and physical education. Adam is the co-founder of the Polish Society for Structural Integration. He runs a private practice in Warsaw and teaches the European Guild's Basic Training in Poland. Structural Integration is his main field of explorations - especially the traditional 10 sessions Basic Series. He is involved in research on Structural Integration under the umbrella of the University of Opole and also participates in the Fascia Research Group led by Dr Robert Schleip.

16 years of experience

Dario Di Lorenzo graduated as a Structural Integration practitioner with Emmett Hutchins in 2011 and in 2014 he completed the Advanced Training with Emmett Hutchins and Neal Powers. He’s fully dedicated to SI in his private practice in Milan, by organizing SI trainings and CE class and by being on the Board of the European Guild. He’s assisting in EGSI's Basic Training in Milano and he’s the co-creator of the 'Timeless Elegance of the Recipe' event.

10 years of experience